Tungsetn Bucking Bar Manufacturing Process

Tungsetn Bucking Bar Picture

Actually, tungsten bucking bar is made from tungsten alloy material, and it is manfauctured based on the technique of powder metallurgy. Properties for tungsten bucking bar should be reach depend on differnt tungsten content, differnt density requirement and different machining process and properties contorl method.

The main tungsten bucking bar manufacturing process is mixing, pressing, sintering and machining. Then the bars will be mived into inspection, after inspection, then the bars will be packed.

The characteristics of the powder metallurgy products:
produce part has characteristics such as fine quality, cheap, energy-conservation, save material,etc. Characteristic with powder metallurgy technology, and some parts in the plant equipment can only be made with powder metallurgy, use main reason of part too energy-conservation, province material, fine quality, cheap, high production efficiency powder metallurgy, social benefit and economy profitable. Powder metallurgy is used in automobile, motorcycle, electric tool, included the oil bearing, household appliances, shielding, etc., of course, it could also be used for tungsten bucking bar when repairing the airplane.