Application of Tungsten Rivet Bar

Rivet Picture

Before welding techniques and bolted joints were developed, metal framed buildings and structures such as the Eiffel Tower, Shukhov Tower and the Sydney Harbor Bridge were generally held together by riveting. Also automobile chassis were riveted. Rivet bar is widely used in applications where light weight and high strength are critical, such as in an aircraft. Especially tungsten rivet bar, which is the most suitable material for repairing airplane, as its good hardness, wonderful machinability, high density but small volume. Many sheet-metal alloys are preferably not welded as deformation and modification of material properties can occur. Common but more exotic uses of rivet bars are to reinforce jeans and to produce the distinctive sound of a sizzle cymbal.

When the tungsten rivet bar is cherry red, place the cavity of the air tool over the end of the rivet and turn on the tool. This works great and is much quicker. If necessary you can heat and redo with the air tool. The finished job should look like the factory rivets or better and should be stronger than if the assembly were bolted together. This is not the easiest project in restoring an automobile but can be mastered with patience and common sense.